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Our Product Range

Seacorin has an extensive assortment of Vannamei and Black Tiger shrimp.

Our assortment is not only limited to prawns but also ranges into crustaceans, shellfish, molluscs and value added products!

Take a look at our assortment!

Shrimp burger animation

Shrimp Burger

Ever heard of the Shrimp Burger?

This crispy shrimp filled burger (50% shrimp) coated in a breading (50%) is a must-taste for seafood lovers! 

Ideal for having a unique product on the menu in fast-food restaurants alike!

Shrimps: Litopenaeus Vannamei

Size: 120g/pcs

pack: 6 x (10x120g)


A small look into our assortment

We supply only the best frozen seafood to food service, retail, wholesalers, industry and more!

All our suppliers are closely monitored to ensure they meet our quality requirements. 

Our assortment is constantly evolving with changing customer needs. 

Take a look at our brand new catalogue!

You can also download our full catalogue here!

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